alicia and white angel

"Alicia and White Angel" is the story of Alicia and her adventure to find her true destiny.

During her search, Alicia has an amazing companion: White Angel. He is there all the time to provide assistance.

He is there for her.

He is there to help her find herself.

Join her to find the meaning of her life. Learn about the meaning of your life as well.

(by: Dragos Ionel, art: Arunima Ahuja, book design: Omar Davis)

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When I was a very little girl, and still slept in a cot, I used to have a recurrent dream which I remember to this day. It went like this: I was in a beautiful, golden, shining place, and somehow all the others there had bodies of light – they were almost like stars.

Then when I was a little older, about seven or eight, my father found a large brass telescope in the attic of our rambling mansion in the countryside of Cornwall, England. The telescope had belonged to my eccentric Victorian great-grandfather. My father and I would look through our telescope at the stars, planets and even, one time, a comet, and those evenings together were magical. He explained to me that the stars were vast balls of fiery gas, but I wasn’t so sure.

Many years later I met a truly wonderful lady, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She enabled me to find what I had been seeking from childhood and we spoke of many things which were close to my heart. I told her of my childhood dream, especially about the golden shining place and the beings who I remembered as blobs of light.

‘Don’t you remember?’ She said. ‘You were with me then, before you were born,’ and I knew she meant we were all together in heaven. She has returned to that glorious realm now, but her love and wisdom lives on in this world in so many ways, such as the inspiration for this story, which may not be as far from the truth as some grown-ups would imagine.

Linda Williams (author of the fantasy trilogy, The Awakening of Navi Septa)


“Alicia and White Angel” introduces a new, deeper perspective of Little Star's self-discovery journey from “Alicia and Little Star”.

So deep that you will probably need to have a child explain it to you. The plot goes on as sweetly and as dynamically as the Golden River that we read about.

And it is the very last word that retells the entire story.

Michael Kastellorizios (USA)


“Alicia and White Angel” is another precious and delicate little story destined to win the hearts of readers.

A human by birth is a seeker. With his own desire for seeking, he paves his way through fantasies, struggles, eventful adventures, from his childhood to adulthood.

Such is Alicia. While enjoying her transformation from a child to an adult, she forgets her objectives. Suddenly, she discovers she has missed something on the way. It is her eternally seeking dreams.

She starts searching again and discovers the keys to a secret kingdom.

Rabi Ghosh (India)