I have just had a daughter and so I am really looking forward to reading this book to her.

Kasia (Canada)


In a world where "The Nothing," as explained in "The Neverending Story" of Michael Ende, tries to extend and conquer everything, the story of The Little Star gives us hope that this will not happen.

Each of us is Alicia and the trip of The Little Star is a trip inside, a joyous discovery of ourselves, of our own identity, to find out how can we be part and parcel of the whole.

Congratulations of course to the authors

Elena Oprica


We are not born in a vacuum but in a context. We call this fate; we say that we have a destiny or a star. To understand the meanings of our lives, wizards and astrologers of yore have indeed spent some time under the big scintillating vault of the sky, trying to decipher the stars.

Who would dream to tell children about such complicated pursuits as meaning or destiny? Dragos and Richard offer a response in a beautifully simple language that sometimes reminds us of the Petit Prince of Antoine de Saint Exupery.

This mercifully short book written in a direct language proposes a different location of the one star that gives us our meaning. Without noticing it, the adult that shall too enjoy reading it will not realizes he enters a tale covering matters that sages and philosophers struggled to grasp for as long as stars have been shining

And because this book is written for children with a wink to the adult still willing to wonder and wander in children’s land, the two last lines of the book are the most important ones.

Gregoire de Kalbermatten


There is something that is born spontaneously 'within' as one trails the Mother star in 'Alicia and the little star'.

It just dissolves within melting with an intangible presence of tenderness that takes you to a very familiar world of our own imagination.

And a star is born within you. It is just a bliss to take the ride through this cute little fable that makes you so full of joy.

An inevitable Mother is born and a motherhood as a child give birth to a mother as Mother realizes the desire of her child from within. So full of compassion.

Rabi Gosh


Follow little Alicia into a world of bliss, peace and harmony. It will let you forget your busy concepts of daily life, and help you see the world through a child's point of view with an open heart. And it might evoke a change of priorities for your own life.

Relearn to trust your feelings more, and find joy in every moment.

After reading this charming book I want to be Alicia now. :-)

Toni Grabmayer


This is a charming story about a spiritual journey seen through the eyes of a star reborn in the heart of a little girl.

A story about enlightenment and innocence, to be enjoyed by children and grown ups alike.

Cristina Harabor


A fantastic journey through the eyes of a little innocent star, representing, maybe, our desire and potential to be better human beings, as individuals and as a collective.

A must read for children and adults alike.

Simply beautiful. Congratulations to the authors

Adrian Angheluta


A wonderful creation! I so enjoyed the read, it is very touching. the simplicity of this expression of the Truth is beautiful and sweet. I immediately bought another to give as a Christmas gift and now I'm thinking I'll need another! Ginni, your illustrations are great! Thanks to all of you and your efforts to bring this to fruition.

Cheryl Saunders (Canada)


I got the book; I haven't showed it to my daughter yet, it's going to be among her Christmas presents, but I read it to myself and I love it! It's beautifully written, easy to read, and it manages to point us back to solid and healthy values in such a candid, fun way! I couldn't help thinking about The Little Prince when reading it."Alicia and the little star" is of the same great caliber, only more accessible to young readers I would say! Very powerful book. I am going to order another 2 ones these days!

Cristina (USA)