simple poems

Few poems about one's search for a meaning

Paperback (84 pages), Kindle, German version: link


© cover photo Ryan Scott



Walking down the path

I can't refrain to laugh

We are all so serious

Some are so mysterious

We pretend the way we know

When we're walking in a row

But the funny thing it is

None of us have any clue

Where we're going, why and how

But it's sure we'll find somehow

That the way is clear and true

But not down or up or side

It's just straight and deep inside


Man, the life is all so tough

When you’re sitting in the rough

But a voice came close and asked

Why you’re sitting in a dump?

Standing up is just enough

Gosh, the future seems so dark

When you’re running out of luck

Voice said: Luck is never in a stack

Sweating brings the fortune back

Oh, this mountain is so high

Getting over makes me cry

Voice said: What a baby, oh, my, my

Move your feet and fly the sky

You can do it if you try


I said to Rumi as we laid around the campfire beneath the starry sky: "Pity us, Master! Can't you make it simpler for the minds of mere mortals? For God has eternity to decipher the words of your Love. We are running out of time. By morning, this fire will turn to ash, and so we will burn up in our desire to grasp the words of your Love for Him."

Master smiled and, to the horror of my companions, threw his book in the fire. "Sleep, he said, for tomorrow you will have the Time and the fire will re-kindle your Desire."

The morning came; Master was long gone... centuries, it seems. Our rested eyes turned to the fire site. There, steaming over the heat of the still dying coals, another book was born. It lay in front of us, crisp and inviting - Dragos Ionel's SIMPLE POEMS.

Dragos' book makes clear to us in simple terms the loving and direct relationship the narrator has to God, to the divinity present in children and family life, to the mystery of existence, and to the sanctity of his honest search for holiness. Reminiscent of Rumi's depth, but made accessible to readers of all walks of life through through lucid modern expression, this book is a must read for those who wish to re-kindle the fire of desire beneath their seeking.

Zhenia (USA)

Your literary output is really inspiring

Alan Wherry (USA)

I've got the Kindle one today, great poems!

Robert Boerescu (Turkey)

I have just read the kindle book of Simple Poems. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ganesh G. (India)

Simple Poems is a delightful book!

The poems are stepping stones throughout a journey of a seeker of Truth, who has found the Answer.

They are simple and deep, conveying the with much innocence the joy of the author.

I was happy to discover them.

Cristina Harabor (Canada)